FortiGate Secure SD-WAN

SD-WAN Features & Benefits:

  • Better visibility into critical applications
  • Ability to steer application traffic to prioritize business critical traffic and increase traffic performance
  • Supports 3000+ applications
  • Maximize bandwidth utilization across multiple ISP circuits Video

More Information

  • 6.0 Demo Video
  • 6.2 Demo Video
  • 6.2 Information
  • 6.2 Forward Error Correction (FEC) is used to lower the packet loss ratio by consuming more bandwidth. This features adds Forward Error Correction (FEC) to IPsec VPN.
  • 6.2 SD-WAN Bandwidth Monitoring Service - This version adds a new bandwidth measuring tool to detect true upload and download speeds. The bandwidth tests can be run on demand or on schedule, and can be used with the SD-WAN SLA and rules to balance SD-WAN traffic. This feature needs a license which is part of 360 Protection Bundle in 6.2, or you must have a SD-WAN Bandwidth Monitoring Service license.