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Are you a technology fanatic?

We are the leading technology company in mid Michigan.  We are looking for experienced, qualified, and motivated individuals who are seeking employment and advancement in their careers in the information technology industry. 

We use e-Verify to assure that all of our employees have a legal right to work in the United States.


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If you are interested in working for NetSource One, please submit your resume online by clicking the button below. (NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE!)


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The Great Lakes Bay Region has a lot to offer!

We are located in the "Great Lakes Bay Region" of Michigan. Want to find out more about the area? Here are some links to illustrate the rich array of amenities for every interest.

Do you have what it takes? idk...

  • Will you... continually challenge yourself to upgrade your skills and become an IT JEDI?
  • Can you... devise technology plans that, when executed flawlessly, will help us rule the world!?! Mwuh ha ha ha!
  • Do you... enjoy a sweet work place and an occasional free pizza?
  • Can you... gracefully balance the "small requests" and everyday tech company B.S. that can toss your day out of whack...
  • ...with the bigger projects that, if dropped, could push the planet into a black hole?
  • Can you... play nice with office staff and account managers AND chew gum at the same time? ;)
  • Do you... show incredible patience on a support call when you discover the issue is 'P.I.C.N.I.C.'?
  • Can you... fix a zombie killing server while the zombies are breathing down your back? OMG!
  • If so, you may just have the right stuff.  Send us your resumé!