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I've Got to Keep Breathing



I’ve got to keep breathing. It’ll be my worst business mistake if I don’t. – Steve Martin

Who would have thought that the man behind “two wild and crazy guys” could simplify business perfectly? His words really make sense. Humans need to breathe and our career paths are so often an extension of us. But sometimes your body and mind need a break. That said, please stop reading this. Instead, go to a quiet place, close your eyes and just breathe for one minute.

…….60 Seconds……..

Welcome back! What did you think about? Did some things become clearer? Did some of your problems become a little less of a problem? Did you have a new idea?

Take a second to think about your breathing. It fuels your body with oxygen and rids it of carbon dioxide. If that conversion is hampered even a little bit you have a dam and your body just doesn’t work right. Internal breakdowns will get out of control quickly, and who really has time for that? There are over 7 billion people on Earth and not one soul has time for it.

Early in 2015, MTA felt their information systems were dammed up. They had constricted workflow only to allow limited training capabilities, employee connectivity and inadequate internet connectivity for their valued passengers. Soon after they realized this they chose NetSource One of Saginaw, Michigan to remap their wireless and infrastructure systems. This is not a small task, they have 4 extremely busy campuses.

After consulting with MTA, we discovered the strong need for comprehensive system mapping/baseline and a strongly upgraded wireless system. MTA was pleasantly surprised that they will see efficiencies in Mobility, Training Structure Enhancements, and Passenger Internet Access. This will also allow better Planning, Management and Optimization of the information systems for MTA. We have delivered their immediate requests, they are now scalable and we have more suggestions to help them with their future too. It would be one thing to just evaluate their current needs, but to also solve them with an eye to the future? Well, that is NSO value.

Now take another minute and consider why you might want to talk with NetSource One. We are here for any size organization and up to any task.

NetSource One serves over 400 customers throughout Michigan and surrounding states from its home office in Saginaw, Michigan. We specialize in Managed Services, Virtualization, Unified Communications and many other technology-based services. We are here to plan, build and support your business technology needs.

Security News

Locky Email Virus Spreading Like Wildfire

Stop Threats Before They Hit the Network

As some of you may know there is a devastating email virus spreading like wildfire. The Malware is called “Locky”. It is disguising itself as an email attachment and has been using various file types (Word Doc, Excel, ZIP, PDF and etc.). Once you open the attachment Locky Malware can encrypt 164 different file types. Locky encrypts files on all fixed drives, removable drives and also on RAM disk drives. The hackers are after your money, they are trying to get users to pay them to remove the virus, do not follow payment instructions or give your personal information!!!

How to reduce risk of being infected:

  • Use an advanced email firewall service such as Barracuda
  • As always, don’t open suspicious attachments (e.g. .doc, .xls, and .zip files)
  • Keep recent backup copies of important data in a secure place either online or offline
  • Ensure that your system and applications are fully updated and patched
  • Disable Microsoft Office macros by default and never enable macros in strange/unknown attachments that you receive via email

We have been seeing a large increase of the message types on our Barracuda Anti-Spam filter over the last 72 hours. Our Barracuda Anti-Spam filter is currently catching the emails and attachments for all of our Anti-Spam customers, but everyone is still at risk until the threat is fully detectable. For those who are unaware the Barracuda Email Security Gateway is integrated with a cloud-based service that pre-filters email before delivery to the onsite Barracuda Email Security Gateway. The Cloud Protection Layer is continuously updated with definitions in real time from Barracuda Central. In addition, Barracuda’s global cloud infrastructure provides the flexibility to handle email surges during specific periods of the day and during Denial of Service attacks. For our clients who do not use Barracuda or other spam firewall please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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