NetSource One, Inc.

Good news, the economy is growing and your business is expanding. 

Bad news, your phone system is stuck in the 90's and has limited capabilities that can't meet your needs. 

NetSource One and ShoreTel are here to take the burden of old school communication off your shoulders.  

What you'll need in a phone system today:

  • Ability to quickly respond to changes like adding new offices or hiring employees
  • Flexibility to support your mobile employees
  • Adaptability to respond to seasonal spikes in call volume and usage
  • Support to help employees intuitively activate and self-service their own phones
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership with predictable costs 

3 Benefits You Get Using a World-Class Cloud Phone System

  1. Quickly add and remove employees no matter where they’re located. 
  2. Ensure a consistent user experience to drive company-wide productivity and improved morale. 
  3. The ability to turn phone systems management over to a trusted third-party provider.

At NetSource One we specialize in making IT changes "pain-free".  Now is the right time to upgrade your communication system. Download our FREE whitepaper on "5 steps to a successful switch" !